Love Infinity is directed by Tim Yip, a Chinese art director, film director and designer for fiction films and theatre productions. His best known work was on the 2000 film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for which he won an Academy Award for Best Art Direction. He also won a BAFTA award for the film’s costume design. 

'Love Infinity' is a multi-facetted project in which Tim Yip brings his camera lens to face London at a moment of historic change. Themes of freedom & self expression/realisation, colonialism, youth violence, the future, spirituality and climate emergency are explored with Gilbert & George, Andrew Logan, Langlands and Bell, Jonny Woo,  Daniel Lismore & Vivienne Westwood ( among many more ) alongside teenage Londoners from diverse backgrounds in a film that keeps porous the boundaries between drama and documentary, real and dreamed. Accompanying the main film is a documentary project investigating the history of multifaceted British identity and aesthetics through an Eastern lens, via the Reformation, Restoration, civil war, plagues, fires, colony, the wars of the twentieth-century, immigration and subcultures..

Client: Tim Yip International Studio / directed by Tim Yip

Role: Additional Sound Recording


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