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Abstract Planet

Sound Design & Audio Post-Production

Shaping unforgettable stories,
with immersive sound.

Nick is a sound designer & mixer based in London, UK.
He works in film, Tv, games, commercials and art.

selected narrative credits



what I do

I use sound to make stories come to life. I am here to help you with sound recording, editing, design, and mixing for cinema and online. 

I'm a London based sound designer & production sound mixer who divides his time in between recording sound on set, and work in audio post production on narrative and commercial projects.


My mission is to help you achieve your vision and connect your story with the audience through your own unique voice.     

about me

I am a filmmaker, storyteller, sound artist, book enthusiast, and coffee lover.


When I was a kid, my dream was to become a composer. I guess I found a way to express my creativity and tell my stories through music. This dream motivated me to study music production & composition, which led me to University, where I discovered the art of sound design and recording for films.


Ten years and a Masters (in sound design) later, I find myself in London scratching the same creative itch for storytelling, sound, and film. Only this time, my music career is way behind me and I am embracing my creative path in the film industry, working as a sound designer, editor, supervising sound director and mixer.


Every project is unique and requires a different approach. Don't be shy, get in touch, and let's talk about it.


creative sound design & editing

mixing for broadcast and cinema,

production sound recording  (full drama cart)

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