I create, edit & mix sound for visual media, art, film and any kind of creative storytelling .

I'm a sound designer/storyteller dynamo. I not only create awesome sounds for your project, but also make sure they support the story flawlessly.

I see my job as a mix of highly technical and artistic skills that has one main goal, to help creative people to communicate their story to the world.

I like to wear many hats when it comes to sound production and my diverse background in audio engineering, music composition and film-making certainly helps.

Most of all, I am passionate about people who love what they do and decide that just good isn't enough.


Location Sound Recording,

Voice Over & Sound Design 

Audio Post Production

About Nick

I'm just a guy who loves films and coffee and happens to be a sound designer. My passion for storytelling and film-making led me to London working with awesome people on all kinds of interesting projects.

My interest in sound developed many years ago when I was still in school studying classical piano and composition. Growing up It only made sense to dig deeper into the world of sound which I did and still doing with all my soul and mind. I studied sound engineering in College and now working towards my Masters degree in Arts-Filmmaking (Sound recording, post-production & design) at Goldsmiths University of London.


For the last six years I've been developing my practical skills within the industry working with artists, musicians and film-makers from all over the world. My main field of expertise is sound recording and audio post-production and I love deeply the whole film-making process.

When I'm not running all over the London with my microphones or I'm not in the studio, you can find me in a bookshop. Probably spending my rent money on books, I may never find the time to read. I also like to explore the art of video production and experiment with conceptual Audio-Visual art. 

My equipment

I have a variety of sound equipment for location and studio work and I can get anything else the client requires on demand.


- Sound Devices 633

- Sound Devices 442

- Zoom F4

- Audient mic preamps


-Avid Pro Tools 

- Izotope RX 

- Eve Audio Studio Monitors


- Sennheiser 416 + MKH 50

- Rode NTG 3

- Octava Collection

- Neumann Collection

- Shure SM7B for V.O.

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